John Murinye

Founder | Lead Brand Consultant

Career includes roles at Meta (Facebook Inc.), Bullhorn Inc. of Boston, USA and Toptal LLC.

For more than a decade, John has been collaborating with S&P 500 and startup companies — creating value through strategic thinking and customer-centric brand design experiences.

At Meta (Facebook Inc.), John worked side by side with the Global Head of Business and accrued deep expertise in understanding how strategy and brand design can impact business growth. At Bullhorn, John led the visual identity overhaul that played a significant role in key strategic acquisitions. All in all, John has developed a masterful skill of being able to balance aesthetics, function and business value.

He brings a wealth of experience and diverse expertise working with cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams in Europe, United States, and Singapore.

John has a solid background in brand strategy and positioning, UX/UI Design, and brand marketing. He studied Business Management & Marketing at Dublin Business School and Neuroscience & Cognitive Psychology. He also studied Jazz Music Theory & Technology at Newpark Academy of Music [Ireland], Music Recording & Engineering at Pulse College [Ireland].

As the Lead Brand Consultant, John steers Zarura’s vision to collaborate with Zimbabwean and African-owned brands — helping position and make them attractive both in Zimbabwe and abroad. With deep expertise in brand strategy, positioning and experience design.