Brand Customer Relationship

By Kudzai Mushori

The relationship between a brand and a customer is unique in that it can have beneficial outcomes for both. Let’s talk Brand Customer Relationship.

Brand Customer Relationship is a form of Relationship Marketing. Customers develop strong relationships with brands, and see them as partners. This can be used to the brand’s advantage; building loyal customers and return customers. To be effective at a brand customer relationship, customers need to have a reason that keeps gravitating them toward the brand. This relationship is two-way. Brands can’t be the only ones benefiting. Their audiences want to feel like they are your partners. When done right, loyal and happy customers not only return, but they bring more customers.

Brands in Zimbabwe largely work on a product purchase level. But in order to earn a special relationship with a customer, brands have to be willingly to give back. Just like a farmer, before they reap, there is a time to sow — believing for a harvest that will better their tomorrow.

Let’s look at 4 things that you can do today, to help your brand create a positive brand customer relationship.

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01. Brand Pride.

To develop brand pride, you will need to show your customers how you are unique and different from other brands. From quality, to style or being environmentally conscious. Customers want to feel proud to be associated with your brand.

For example, some people derive prestige from using Apple or Nike products. These brands have established themselves and effectively differentiated as quality brands.

02. Building Brand Trust.

You may be asking yourself, what is brand trust? And why is it important? Brand trust is built through the entire experience that customers engage with your brand — from purchase to using the product. For customers to trust your brand, you will need to be open, honest, inclusive and respectful and caring. When customers feel you do these things, they will be willing to trust your brand.

03. Personal Customer Service/Experience.

When it comes to branding, many people rush to think of visuals: flyers, T-shirt printing or
banners. They tend to ignore, the more important elements like customer experience. A study showed that, 73% of people said customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. That’s huge! When customer experience is perfectly executed, it can create a competitive advantage that reinforces your brand identity. This in turn creates a bond between the brand and the customers. If you want to attract bees, plant flowers… the outcome is sweet.

04. Build A Brand Community.

This is a place where your brand and the people who are emotionally connected to your brand can connect. For example, Nike celebrates Air Max Day. Think of ways that your customers can continue to engage with your brand beyond the service or product you offer. Most of the top brands, like Nike, have a loyal brand community.

Building a brand community is crucial for brand growth. Here’s how you can build yours;

  • You need a reason for members to join your community
  • Make sure their time with each other and with the brand is valuable
  • Make it easy and worth it for your members to share about your brand community with others