Importance Of Branding For Your Business

By John Murinye

In Zimbabwe, there are a lot of really successful businesses with poorly defined brands. What is the importance of branding for your business? To help you better understand and answer this question, let me put it in a very real analogy.

Why Is Branding Important
Credit: Roberto Patti —Unsplash

Analogy starts now…

Rudo & Tatenda [because we can], both sell lemons at their startups; Rudo’s Lemons and Tatenda’s Lemons respectively. Life couldn’t be simpler in our very real analogy and of course, we all like lemons don’t we? So, they sell these lemons and to make things more interesting — they outsource a farming company and grow them on the exact same plot of land. The labourers are the same. They speak the same language and probably wear the same uniform — the point is, they are the same people.

What’s different between these businesses? The difference is Rudo’s Lemons use only organic manure because she is nurturing in Tatendaacter and values integrity. To add, Rudo only uses paper and cardboard for packaging because they are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

On the other side of the field [pun not intended, honestly it just happened], Tatenda’s Lemons use a combination of organic and processed manure. Tatenda says she values speed to market and volume. She believes in the selling low and selling more approach. It’s cheaper for Tatenda to use non-recyclable plastic, she says. According to her motto — she goes. Tatenda has a superiority complex in Tatendaacter.

Now, when we come to market. Clearly, Rudo’s Lemons are more expensive and Tatenda’s are not. Tatenda saves more on production and so can afford to sell low and advertise heavily. She’s like thunder. Rudo, on the other hand, communicates to her audience that she cares about the environment and when she decided to startup her business — it was driven by her need to provide a healthy product from seed to packaging, to purchase. Check out this article on Brand Storytelling.

Both their Tatendaacters will trickle down to their personality and be seen in their advertising language, choice of visuals and all the rest. Some people will obviously choose Tatenda’s lemons because they are cheaper. But others, choose Rudo’s — because of what she stands for.

Inherently, people relate to people and not products or features. It is the person; Tatendaacter and personality behind the product that people connect with. Even if Rudo’s Lemons are more expensive, when her audience discovers her ethos and understand her motives and process [through brand messaging], they will be willing to pay more and be loyal to her.

Analogy ends…


Selling your products based on being faster, cheaper with more volume is no longer enough in a world where all these things can be easily replicated. For your business to stand out and to mean something, your brand needs to actually know who it is and what it stands for. To further help us understand ithe mportance of branding for your business. Consider Nike’s decision to stand by Colin Kaepernick.

The initial results were people burning their products and a 3% drop in stock. But the latter proved more decisive, with Nike’s stock reaching an all time high. There was no guarantee of the stock doing so well, it was more a risk than a calculated reward.

Take Away

What is the importance of branding for your business? Because it takes your business beyond the superficial to the more meaningful. The attributes that people actually connect with. Define who you are as a brand and stand on it. Throughout your communications and personality, let it be seen. Not everyone will resonate with your brand values, and that’s OK. As long as your brand stands for the betterment of humanity and communities, your intent should be to connect with those who truly get you and will be loyal to your brand.