more than we expected

From inception, the brand roadmap was detailed, giving us insight into what goes into branding for startups and creating awareness. What impressed us most was the extra mile Zarura took in guiding, challenging, and helping us think about our brand.

iphi Mhlanga —  Xpensi Founder

Iphi Mhlanga | Co-Founder & CEO | Xpensi

The meetings we had were appropriately organised, well communicated in advance and timelines were clear. We honestly thought it would be a one-time consultation, but Zarura took us through the experience of the brand and helped us appreciate what we were embarking on and what he was looking to help us achieve.

The final output was more than we expected, delivering a piece of work that showed professionalism, skill of craft and attention to detail. If you are looking to embark on a journey of discovering your brand, brand voice, energy and brand identity, I would strongly recommend Zarura. Their efforts are above excellence, and they deliver in a timely manner to requirements. Going the extra mile is an understatement, as they look to ensure the success of your brand by bringing out the best of it.