Nevada Daycare

revalitalizing a safe, fun and professional daycare.

Zimbabwe // Education // Pro-Bono

Brand Identity. Visual Design System. Motion Design. Uniform Design.

Nevada is a safe, fun and professional daycare for children between 2 — 6 years old, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Nevada offers a syllabus based curriculum and the daycare is equipped with a play area. Zarura worked closely with the team to help them revitalize their visual identity and positioning.

As an extension of our core values and Zarura community initiative, we worked with Nevada Daycare on Pro-Bono basis.

Nevada Daycare Signage — Zarura Creative
Nevada Daycare Cups — Zarura Creative
Nevada Daycare Uniform Design — Zarura Creative

A rainbow is a symbol of hope, peace and joy. It’s overarching nature reflects safety and a covering. To help encapsulate Nevada’s offering, we used a tricolor rainbow — echoing Nevada’s mission to provide a safe, fun and educational daycare environment.

Nevada Daycare Notebook — Zarura Creative
Nevada Daycare Tee-Shirt — Zarura Creative
Nevada Daycare Stickers — Zarura Creative